Reversible Windows

With all the superb good looks and technical expertise that is associated with Enterprise Building Maintenances fully reversible windows our reversible window is setting new standards in the window industry.

Enterprise Building Maintenances PVCu reversible windows do not compromise on quality and design whilst delivering a convenient option for windows in any type of application.

Our PVCu reversible windows give a contemporary appearance to any building and are designed to create the maximum light into the room, whilst offering easy maintenance. Their unique 180 degrees’ reversible action means that the external face can be cleaned from the inside of the room and allows a high level of ventilation.

Made to measure

All of our Reversible windows are made to measure, tailored to any height or width you require – even the bars can be placed at the dimension set by you. You can be certain that with Enterprise Building Maintenance you’re going to get the look that perfectly matches your style and budget.

You can also select from a choice of interior windows sills (window boards) to complement your interior design palette