Bay Windows

Are features of any home are bay windows, bringing you panoramic views of the outdoors. Choose from a traditional sliding sash, uPVC mock sash, or a more modern design that compliments the style of your property. You can still retain a traditional look when replacing your windows with uPVC and we can even create a bay window from a flat window.

Unlike old bay windows, uPVC replacements require very little maintenance and are far more energy efficient and secure, and we always use strengthening bay posts on all of our bays, so you can rest assured that when placing your bay window with our products, the structural integrity will not be compromised.

Made to measure

All of our Bay windows are made to measure, tailored to any height or width you require – even the bars can be placed at the dimension set by you. You can be certain that with Enterprise Building Maintenance you’re going to get the look that perfectly matches your style and budget.

You can also select from a choice of interior windows sills (window boards) to complement your interior design palette.